laminated glass metal mesh

Classification of laminated glass products

Metal mesh laminated glass has combined a mix of glass and metalized meshes to create one of the most stunning architectural products available today. Qunkun Metal is pleased to offer a range of Gold, Steel and Copper Mesh laminated glass products. Fused between glass, these mesh interlayer weaves and patterns can be spacious and loose or tightly woven, and can be applied in any interior architectural applications such as doors, partitions and wall finishes. Mesh interlayers are ideal for use in architectural applications such as ceiling tiles, balustrades, elevator interiors, public art, interior partitions, stair treads, flooring panels, storefronts and wall cladding.
Fabric laminated glass is a laminated glass product with beautiful fabrics encapsulated inside. The range has been carefully chosen, exclusive fabrics tested for lamination. Fabric laminates give you the opportunity to capture a variety of rich fabrics between protective glass layers. Using regular woven cloth, delicately constructed textiles or printed fabrics combines the beauty,colour & texture of the fabric with the structural strength & practicality of glass you can capture the colour & texture of the fabric with the strength & simplicity of glass.