Use galvanized iron mesh to complete the renovation of old buildings in a short time.

Use galvanized iron mesh to complete the renovation of old buildings in a short time.

The buildings of every era, no matter how ordinary they are, are a very precious part of the city, carrying the traces of time. Therefore, the designer’s strategy is not to change the original building, but to use a new layer of translucent material outside it to create a superposition of the new and the old.

This is to use the translucency of spiral weave mesh to work with old buildings to generate a new state of the city, rather than to create a completely new existence by demolishing and rebuilding old buildings. While people experience new things, they can still feel the old things behind them and read the historical information derived from the city step by step.

Spiral Weave Mesh applications: facades
Spiral Weave Mesh applications: Metal mesh ceiling

All steps from design to completion need to be completed within 40 days, and its cost is also very limited. Due to these tight conditions, the design team chose “galvanized iron mesh” as a material. First, it has the translucency desired by the designer, and it has a “light” state. Second, it is a “self-supporting” tension material, so the use of this material can save the construction of longitudinal keels, and the necessary transverse keels can be easily fixed on the structure of the original building, thus greatly reducing the construction cost. cost and time. In addition, the translucent nature of the metal mesh can also bring huge changes to the facade of the original building. During the day it directs sunlight and makes the facade, which is otherwise covered in shadow, more vivid.

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