Metal Mesh Curtain

Metal mesh curtain

Metal decoration net curtain, metal curtain net existing a variety of forms, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, brass, copper and so on, the surface after the special craft processing can according to customer’s requirements to make bronze, gold and so on all sorts of color, cooperate with the curtain rail can stretch around like a curtain, with good resistance to high temperature, do not fade, prolapse, pleating, move freely, easy installation, good decorative effect, etc.Products are widely used in the exhibition hall,hotel, senior villas, office buildings and other curtain, partition, pillars with wrapping and metope adornment, cooperate to shoot the lamp to be used, can bring indoor resplendent and magnificent effect, hotel, exhibition hall and so on ideal decorative materials.The height to width of the metal net curtain can be customized according to user requirements.