Widely Application in Zoo of Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

Widely application in zoo of stainless steel rope mesh

The zoo mesh is also known as “the zoo fence”,”the zoo hook flower fence fence”,its suitable for the zoo’s new type of protection fencing products, animal fence with toughness, anti climbing ability, high safety good features.

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh is a kind of fence in the zoo.Wire rope mesh can be installed in the zoo site,also the construction including posts, wire rope mesh product is characterized by strong flexibility.It can be adjust the structure,shape and size of the mesh any time , according to customer requirements.Because of its ultra-high safety, it is widely used in zoo safety protection, greatly increasing the chance of visitors and animals close contact.

Besides,Stainless Steel Rope Mesh is easy to install, the price also has a economic cost effective than other type of fence ,which is one of the most popular usage fence in the zoo.

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