laminated glass metal mesh

Classification of laminated glass products

Metal mesh laminated glass has combined a mix of glass and metalized meshes to create one of the most stunning architectural products available today. Qunkun Metal is pleased to offer a range of Gold, Steel and Copper Mesh laminated glass products. Fused between glass, these mesh interlayer weaves and patterns can be spacious and loose or tightly woven, and can be applied in any interior architectural applications such as doors, partitions and wall finishes. Mesh interlayers are ideal for use in architectural applications such as ceiling tiles, balustrades, elevator interiors, public art, interior partitions, stair treads, flooring panels, storefronts and wall cladding.
Fabric laminated glass is a laminated glass product with beautiful fabrics encapsulated inside. The range has been carefully chosen, exclusive fabrics tested for lamination. Fabric laminates give you the opportunity to capture a variety of rich fabrics between protective glass layers. Using regular woven cloth, delicately constructed textiles or printed fabrics combines the beauty,colour & texture of the fabric with the structural strength & practicality of glass you can capture the colour & texture of the fabric with the strength & simplicity of glass.

zoo mesh

Widely Application in Zoo of Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

The zoo mesh is also known as “the zoo fence”,”the zoo hook flower fence fence”,its suitable for the zoo’s new type of protection fencing products, animal fence with toughness, anti climbing ability, high safety good features.

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh is a kind of fence in the zoo.Wire rope mesh can be installed in the zoo site,also the construction including posts, wire rope mesh product is characterized by strong flexibility.It can be adjust the structure,shape and size of the mesh any time , according to customer requirements.Because of its ultra-high safety, it is widely used in zoo safety protection, greatly increasing the chance of visitors and animals close contact.

Besides,Stainless Steel Rope Mesh is easy to install, the price also has a economic cost effective than other type of fence ,which is one of the most popular usage fence in the zoo.

stainless wire rope mesh

Main usage of wire rope mesh

Flexible stainless steel rope mesh also called stainless steel cable mesh, made form high quality stainless steel wire rope, with the features of anti-corrosion and resistant to UV rays, has a long lifespan in the harsh environments.

There are large usage of steel wire rope woven mesh: Stainless steel cable mesh is strong and durable, also full of toughness and long service life.For example, it can be used as a slope protection net, which can effectively stop the rolling stone on the hillside, so as to protect the vehicles passing by the hillside and pedestrians.It can also be used as fence for zoos to keep tigers, lions, bears and other large animals in captivity.

Many circuses can also use steel wire rope woven mesh.Circus use to do the protection of the ring wire rope net manufacturers net,it is also made of wire rope net.It is characterized by its strength and elasticity.

elevator mesh

Decorative mesh for elevator

Decorative mesh for elevator is catching the eyes of designers, because it is safe and artistic as well as easy to install and maintain.
In Masewa, there is a professional team dedicated to the research and development of decorative mesh. We adopt wires and panels made of good stainless steel and copper, thus the color of metal is even. Also, we process the surface of this building material with wire drawing and color rendering techniques to fulfill the unique aesthetic requirements.
Since the metal mesh is heavy and not easy to cut, we can simply trim the product according to the customized size.

metal mesh curtain

Metal Mesh Curtain

Metal decoration net curtain, metal curtain net existing a variety of forms, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, brass, copper and so on, the surface after the special craft processing can according to customer’s requirements to make bronze, gold and so on all sorts of color, cooperate with the curtain rail can stretch around like a curtain, with good resistance to high temperature, do not fade, prolapse, pleating, move freely, easy installation, good decorative effect, etc.Products are widely used in the exhibition hall,hotel, senior villas, office buildings and other curtain, partition, pillars with wrapping and metope adornment, cooperate to shoot the lamp to be used, can bring indoor resplendent and magnificent effect, hotel, exhibition hall and so on ideal decorative materials.The height to width of the metal net curtain can be customized according to user requirements.