Laminated glass wire mesh

Laminated glass wire mesh consists of two or more layers of glass sheets, each of which is sandwiched between one or more layers of wire mesh. The most important feature of this glass product is its high strength and safety. Due to the inclusion of metal wire mesh in the laminated glass mesh, it has better impact resistance and shatterproof ability, and it is difficult to break it even under external force. Therefore, the wire mesh is widely used in doors, windows, partitions, curtain walls and other parts of high-rise buildings, homes, commercial centers and other places, effectively improving the safety of the building.

In addition to high strength and safety, laminated glass mesh is also very beautiful and practical. It can present a variety of different patterns and designs, making the building more beautiful and generous. At the same time, the laminated glass mesh can also effectively insulate heat, sound and ultraviolet rays, providing people with a more comfortable and healthy living environment.

In conclusion, laminated glass mesh is an excellent glass product with high strength, safety, aesthetics and practicality, which is widely used in construction, home, business and other fields, providing a safer, more comfortable and healthy living environment.

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