Glass wire metal mesh – metal curtain wall decorative mesh

Glass wire metal mesh – metal curtain wall decorative mesh

Glass wire mesh is woven from stainless steel or aluminum or copper or other materials, it has become an increasingly popular engineering product due to its superior versatility and adaptability.

Due to the strength and aesthetic appeal of stainless steel building grid, it provides a new and multi-functional application range in the field of construction, it can be used as a building outdoor curtain wall, stair protection and screen, sun protection wall and ceiling, interior decoration, metal curtain, room partition, wire glass explosion-proof mesh, etc.


Glass sandwich metal mesh, also known as glass laminated decorative mesh, glass laminated metal mesh, laminated glass metal mesh, glass laminated metal art wire mesh, belongs to curtain wall decorative mesh.

Glass wire wire metal mesh is composed of stainless steel bar or stainless steel cable braiding, according to the woven form of the fabric is divided into radial weft weaving, spiral sleeve weaving and other forms. Sandwiched in the middle of the glass, it has beautiful appearance, plays an explosion-proof, fireproof, prevents glass splashing and hurting people at the same time, and can play a good decorative effect, and has been used in a large number of key projects.

glass laminated metal mesh

Glass wire metal mesh has the characteristics of non-combustibility, height, solidity, strong functionality, easy maintenance, easy to form, long service life, and can protect the building structure well, and is more in line with environmental protection and fire safety requirements.

Glass wire wire metal mesh installation is simple, fast, can be used in a large area, can also only be used as local decoration, can be used as ceiling decoration net Its appearance is chic, elegant, the decorative effect is vivid, intense, diverse, different light, different environments, different time periods, the same observation angle, its effect is not the same; Can be applied to a variety of occasions and uses, stainless steel unique texture and lighting effect, highlighting elegant temperament, extraordinary personality, high taste.

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