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stainless wire rope mesh

Main usage of wire rope mesh

Flexible stainless steel rope mesh also called stainless steel cable mesh, made form high quality stainless steel wire rope, with the features of anti-corrosion and resistant to UV rays, has a long lifespan in the harsh environments.

There are large usage of steel wire rope woven mesh: Stainless steel cable mesh is strong and durable, also full of toughness and long service life.For example, it can be used as a slope protection net, which can effectively stop the rolling stone on the hillside, so as to protect the vehicles passing by the hillside and pedestrians.It can also be used as fence for zoos to keep tigers, lions, bears and other large animals in captivity.

Many circuses can also use steel wire rope woven mesh.Circus use to do the protection of the ring wire rope net manufacturers net,it is also made of wire rope net.It is characterized by its strength and elasticity.